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Here's 5 reasons why you simply can't ignore what is happening to our world.

5 Reasons Why It Is Now Impossible To Ignore Global Warming

Climate change is a strangely divisive topic. While it is a scientific certainty, there are many who look for ways to avoid reality. While this might have been possible at one point, it's become far too late to ignore global warming.

Global warming, climate change - it's all happening.

There are dozens of good reasons why one should pay attention, but the five below are among the most convincing. If you are not already paying attention, it may require thinking about the five reasons below to understand exactly what's happening in the world.

While this might have been possible at one point, it's become far too late to ignore global warming.

1) Scientists Agree on the Data

Donald might be confused on more than just climate change.

One of the most commonly posed arguments against the possibility of global warming is that there is some kind of divide in the scientific community as to whether or not it is occurring. This wildly distorts the truth of the matter to suit the political and economic agendas of the world . The truth of the matter is that the vast majority of scientists agree that global warming is not only real, but that it presents a much more viable threat than most politicians will admit (climate deniers like President of the United States, Donald Trump)

Scientists are generally quite precise with their statements as a matter of education and practice. When a scientist refers to something as a theory or with a percentage of certainty, they are not casting doubt on the topic at hand. Instead, they are saying that they cannot prove something beyond all doubts simply because doing so is impossible. Scientists rarely agree completely on doing anything because there are multiple ways of interpreting data. Global warming, however, is something on which many scientists agree. It is a very widespread belief among those who study climate science professionally.

How widespread is the scientific belief in global climate change? Current surveys put it somewhere in the neighbourhood of ninety-seven percent. This represents a near-consensus in the scientific community, something that is far more rare than the average person is led to believe. The holdouts don't necessarily disagree with the idea of global climate change, but in many cases they simply disagree as to the cause or severity of the change. The experts agree - global warming is real. The only people who tend to hold wildly different views are those who have a profit-driven agenda against the truth.

2) Governments Across the Globe Agree

Global climate change is a matter that countries across the globe must face together. While many issues that have had international consequences have been mired in political debate or self-interested gridlock, climate change is one thing on which most developed countries agree. While there are certainly a few countries that have made moves to deal with climate change unilaterally, this has become one issue on which many disparate countries have begun to work together. It takes an issue of great severity to get countries to put their various issues aside and work together - a sure sign that global warming is being taken very seriously.

200 nations ratify the 2015 UN Paris Climate Accord to reduce emissions.

Some of the earliest studies on global warming induced environment changes were undertaken through international cooperation. While countries have interpreted and used the data in a number of different ways, in recent years they have begun to band together to combat the threat. This is why the news of the United States pulling out of the Paris Agreement has been so shocking - not just because a major signatory is pulling out, but because of the opposition from the rest of the members. It is unusual for the United States to pull out of an agreement on its own, but it's become clear that this is a matter that is much more important than politics for most involved.

The Paris Agreement is the most wide-ranging climate agreement on record, but it is likely only the first of many such agreements to unite the countries of the world in order to fight global warming. What this agreement signifies is a global admission that things are changing and that the activities of the past will no longer work in today's reality. A group of diverse countries that can rarely agree upon minor trade deals or where to hold meetings has been able to come together to sign a historic accord - and that's something that doesn't happen due to a casual belief in something that simply might happen.

3) Businesses are Prioritizing Sustainability

When one thinks about global warming environment and conservation groups are usually the first that come to mind. In today's climate of global consciousness, though, many businesses have begun to lead the shift towards sustainability. This is not something that's done just by small start-ups or fringe groups any longer - major players in fields as diverse as technology and retail are now leading the charge towards making the world more sustainable.

Green business leaders are the frontier of sustainability.

Some argue that sustainability is a fad. While there are certainly some companies that don't have global warming in mind when they make their business decisions, there are enough companies making the switch that a simple fad doesn't explain their behavior. Fads don't explain the significant amount of research and development dollars put into changing the way products are manufactured or the radical changes in formula that have occurred in certain products. Certain companies, at the very least, believe something fundamental needs to change in the way they do business. The reason why seems to be motivated by more than just simple profit.

Shell Oil CEO Ben Van Beurden is going ELECTRIC for his next car!

These companies have realized that a future wracked by the effects of global warming is one in which they cannot do business. Some of these companies have decided to shake up the way they do business in order to make the world a better place for all of their customers. Other have changed their practices because they know that the old methods of doing business just won't be sustainable any longer. In either case, it's a good idea to follow the lead of these companies. If they realize that there is no future in the way they used to do business, there is no reason for their customers to act as if business will continue as usual.

4) Consumers Agree

Fortunately, many consumers have begun to embrace the same point of view as the companies that are making more sustainable products. People are generally realists and understand how the world around them works. While most aren't willing or able to make radical changes in their lives to fight against global warming, many are able to compromise by making their daily habits a bit more sustainable. This is only a half-step and one that won't solve every problem, but it is a key bit of evidence showing that people realize times are changing.

Look at the shelves of your local grocery or retail store. Many of the products now use more sustainable packaging or were created through more sustainable packaging methods. Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular on car lots and more consumers are choosing to reuse and recycle than ever before. This may not be an entirely environmentally-conscious action on behalf of some consumers, but trends are definitely moving towards sustainability. Consumers don't want to deal with the aftermath of global warming, so they are slowly making moves towards changing the way they live their lives.

5) Extreme Weather is Here

The weather patterns of the world are changing, and not for the better...

Perhaps the most compelling evidence of global warming is the increase in severe weather. The weather patterns of the world are changing, and not for the better. It's not just that summers are getting hotter - it's that the overall average temperature is much warmer than ever before. Record highs are being reached across the world on a regular basis, to the point that it's become the norm for record temperatures to be reached for weeks at a time. For most, this should serve as proof positive that the world is getting a bit warmer - and that it's not stopping any time soon.

Warmer days are the least of the worries for some, though. When large storms pop up, they've become both longer in duration and stronger in intensity. One needs to look only at storms like Hurricane Harvey to understand exactly how things have changed. This is the kind of storm that would typically be a Tropical Storm, but it was quickly upgraded to a devastating hurricane after scientists had more data. The end result was flooding and damage, something that might not have occurred even a decade earlier. Harvey is just one of many such storms to occur in recent years, and sadly just one of many that will happen in the future.

Climate change is real. Global warming isn't something that's coming in a nebulous future - it's something that is happening right now. Scientists agree that man-made climate change is impacting the world. Businesses and consumers are changing the way they produce and consume and the countries of the world are quickly uniting in order to make changes. It's up to everyone - producers, consumers, countries and individuals - to make changes in their lives to mitigate the impact of global warming. The evidence is clear, and those who are honest with themselves must believe that climate change is real.

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