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Trying to lose weight the right way?

Can you lose weight eating organic whole foods?

It is definitely possible to lose weight by simply changing our diet to concentrate on organic and whole foods, but there is one thing that is going to be required without any questions, and that is of course, consistency.

Organic whole foods are foods that have gone through as little processing, or no processing at all, before you eat them. This results in foods that are free from added sugars, fats, sodium and preservatives.

All of these additives should be limited as much as possible in order to maintain a healthy diet, but more specifically, for losing weight as a result of an unhealthy diet..

Don't be a fat cat.

Being on a strict organic whole food diet is an effective strategy to not only manage our weight, but also make us feel healthy by increasing energy and reducing that lethargic feeling that comes along with eating too much junk food.

Of course exercise should also be included in every daily human routine.

We are, after all, animals that are part of this natural world, and there are no unhealthy animals out there in the wild. Interestingly, if we do see unhealthy animals, they are with us at home! Do you ever feel like this guy to the left? We all sometimes do, we all love to eat!

But let's take another lesson from the art that is the beauty of nature - let's eat naturally ourselves.

The chimpanzee being a formidable representation of how a strong body can be built on little meat and a healthy dosage of vegetation should be encouraging to say the least. Look at that muscle - he's definitely happy.

Chimpanzees are VERY healthy.

So here are some key rules we should take into account when starting our dietary transformations, towards a sustainable pattern of consumption for ourselves.

They are outlined below, courtesy of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Centre's 'Whole Foods Diet'.


1. Control the intake of refined sugars or flour. You know all about these. Candies, cereals, and all sort of goodies we love to snack on during our day to day. Instead of activating our metabolisms by processing healthy nutrients, they hinder our progress towards weight loss because of all of the sugar and fats. Try some of these alternatives - they are healthy, but also taste good.

Keeping our food intake on a controlled level where we are not gorging ourselves ALL of the time is what eating healthy is all about - it is what losing that extra weight is all about. Think about how scarce food is for some animals fighting to survive in nature - that thought alone will help.

Cheetahs are as lithe as possible, eating just enough to be able to hunt again.

So let's take another lesson from the wild, and that is we only ever eat when we absolutely need to. Just imagine, every animal that is part of the earth's ecosystem is constantly on the hunt for food whether it be flora or fauna. Risking their lives, quite literally, every single day. However, we, in the more developed parts of our world, have the option to simply walk over to our refrigerators, or even worse, Uber our eats right to us!

Don't worry - I'm guilty of this as well (love Uber)- probably more than most. But on that note, I'm also guilty of strictly controlling the intake of my overall food profile outside of those times of weakness. Or simply put - my whole food diet...

Which brings us to Texas Tech's second key rule.

2. Encourage the intake of whole, unprocessed food. This is where you need to dig a little deeper into caring about what goes into your larger meals, and what we decide to do when we feel that hunger coming on AGAIN and AGAIN, but don't necessarily need to eat right away because we are already well fed. It just so happens to be that snacky time of day...

So Texas Tech also advises that we eat as much of the following as possible until we FEEL full. These foods are not only healthy and fill us with vital nutrients, but curtail further hunger by simply filling up our tummies.

  • Salads, and non-starchy veggies
  • Whole fresh fruit,
  • Lean meat
  • Fish
  • Egg White
  • Reduced fat cheese
  • Nuts should also be included in main dishes.
  • Tea, coffee, and low calorie juices.

Tea and coffee are the most consumed beverages on the planet.

Drinking tea and coffee will not necessarily cut inches off of our stomaches, BUT replacing soft drinks and heavy calorie, high sugar, processed juices, with healthy organic teas and coffee will definitely help increase our fat burning metabolisms. The control we put onto our intake of these between meal consumptions will also keep us active enough to not need to chomp down on something ALL the time.

Not only do these beverages curb appetites, but they also provide antioxidants that purge our bodies of toxins, which regularly come from unhealthy food choices!

These toxins ultimately slow us down, make us tired, less active, and well... fat!

An afternoon cup of Joe after lunch, instead of that extra donut, is a smart, and conscious decision, to be consistent with our food intake choices.

Whole food diets are also especially helpful to those who experience the following.

  • Mild to severe obesity
  • Elevated triglycerides
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Glucose intolerance

And for good reason, as pursuing healthy eating choices, and habits, will most certainly improve the lifestyle of anyone living in these circumstances. By cutting processed foods out of our diets, we limit the intake of excessive calories. This prevents us from gaining weight, and in many cases, helps lose it.

ALWAYS be sure to consult with your doctor before engaging in a diet, or health regime change, to make sure that your personal health profile and body can handle it.

Only eat when you need to!

There are many different strategies out there for many different body types. But for the average person who is relatively healthy to begin with, or would like to be, the best strategy should be only eating when we need to, and snacking or sipping when we HAVE to. A whole food diet where we are paying attention to what we eat, and how much, is more than enough to shed a few pounds.

It's working for me (English breakfast is my favourite) and it will work for you too - if you stay disciplined, and if you stay consistent!

Alex, President Peak Demand Inc.

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The Natural Path is for everybody.

... stay consistent.

Texas Tech Food Choices by Traffic Light!

Green Light Foods - As much as you can!

Green means go...
Stay lean, stay mean, stay green!

Yellow Light Foods - Ok, but caution...

Check yourself, before you wreck yourself!

Red Light Foods - A no no for losing weight.

Let's be disciplined, shall we?


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