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If you live in Ontario, you are all too familiar with our extremely expensive hydro system and the controversial provincial policy that powers it...

If you live in Ontario, 5 reasons why you NEED an Ecobee or Nest smart thermostat.

Smart home technology is what you need.

Sustainable energy products are becoming more and more prevalent as manufacturers are recognizing the tremendous global trend towards sustainability in both business and lifestyle.

This is important for the 14 million constituents that live here as we literally sit at the very edge of this disruptive green frontier.

And because of that, here are 5 reasons why that if you pay for a hydro bill in Ontario, you NEED an Ecobee or Nest smart thermostat in your home.

1. Provincial solutions to costs are ineffective, we need to pursue our own - immediately.

Kathleen Wynne has made attempts to ameliorate rising hydro costs through numerous avenues for both residential and commercial consumers. With a looming election and collapsing approval across the province; however, some say that the recent 25% cut to hydro costs is nothing more than a shell game for our tax dollars, in other words 'robbing Peter to pay Paul'.

A most unfortunate outlook for the province, as this 4 year rate freeze (apart from cost of inflation) for our hydro costs will be met with a devastating increase FAR into the future of our province - pushing more and more families into what is known as 'energy poverty'.

So although provincial programs make attempts to help with the rising hydro costs that were implemented by other provincial programs themselves, their effectiveness gets called into question when long-term planning shows no solution, to this deep rooted problem, whatsoever.

SaveOnEnergy has been around for a long time, and many do engage in some of the promotions. But these engagements merely scratch the thickening surface of burning delivery fees, and searing regulatory charges that we, as constituents, have absolutely no control over - but get tacked onto our bills according to usage. At this point in time if you don't already have LED lights installed in your home or business, you better catch up on your sustainability profile.

2. Smart home technology is the future - and the future is now.

A global sustainability trend is underway, and it starts at home.

Climate change being at the root of this trend, Canada in particular is taking a very profound leadership role on the global frontier of sustainability. We have some of the strongest programs and promotions for green energy and high efficiency infrastructural development, anywhere in the world.

Businesses and entrepreneurs alike are swarming this new trend in an effort to get ahead of the market. Energy 'attunment' or integration of one's household appliances/functional systems into computer systems and smart phones is the future of how we will live and interact with our own personal temples. Ecobee and Nest thermostats are perfect examples of entry level devices; that will get you started on familiarizing yourself with what exactly is going on inside your personal home energy system.

3. Attunement to your energy and sustainability profile - mastering the hour of 'peak demand'.

Attuning, or getting in touch with, your energy and sustainability profile has become more important than ever. The infamous hour of 'peak demand' for electricity is one that any Ontarian would dread each day. It's the time to which our electricity demand across the provincial grid is highest, subsequently pushing prices to peak.

Peak Demand electricity in Ontario

There are numerous commercial/provincial services that attenuate peak demand energy usage for bigger industrial facilities. This is largely in an effort to reduce the global adjustment costs associated to our system requiring many different sources of electricity generation from our supply bank in order to adequately serve peak load times.

The Industrial Conservation Initiative, for example, is a program implemented by the province to help these large consumers identify times of peak consumption for electricity, and allow them to plan shut offs of their machinery and equipment during that time, effectively selling electricity back to the grid that would have otherwise been used during the time of peak demand.

But because it is unlikely that you yourself live in a large industrial sized facility that consumes enough electricity to meet the program threshold - this program is of little use to you.

What you are actually looking for is Ohm Connect - a San Francisco start up that has actually managed to recreate the demand response/management process for residential consumers through a VERY effective free little service that pays you to save.

See the link below.

Although only available to Toronto Hydro users at the moment, this free service will continue to branch out to other utilities in Ontario as more users join the program - so stay tuned.

The service gives you forewarning to #OhmHours (hours of peak demand) and asks that you simply shut off your lights, turn down your AC, and go for a walk.

More importantly though, the system has fully integrated both the Nest and Ecobee thermostats so that you can manage your electricity usage remotely from your smartphone, even if you are away from home.

4. Ontario is a leader in sustainability - forcing you to be one too - thank the Global Adjustment.

Ontario sits at the very edge of a future green world - without question. Our $20 Billion per year electricity costs, for 90% renewable energy, should be more than enough to convince you of that. But the province is doing much more.

A VERY strong proponent of electric vehicles, the province has a $14000 rebate in place for anyone willing to drop the gas tank and pick up the charger. That along with a planned $20 Million electric car charging grid and world first electric car showcasing facility, Ontario is leading the world towards a sustainable future. But this comes at a cost.

The mechanism that was once purposed to be a cost balancer for uncertain market rates on renewables in the past, the Global Adjustment Mechanism (GA), is now the heaviest component of our hydro bills, both commercial and residential. Now you may have never heard of the GA before, but rest assured, the cost for our pricy wind/solar generation is embedded into your mid/off/on peak pricing of electricity, you just cant see it on your bill.

VERY expensive contracts for renewable energy generation were signed off years ago, much to which was done with very little to no oversight whatsoever. A messy, and growing controversy to say the least. If you would like to know exactly how your costs are being derived on your bill through the GA, see the Long-Term Energy Plan cost of services module below.

The plans for our cost increases were set in stone many years ago, it is only now that we are seeing them, that we react in shock and awe. But the reality is, these increases are here to stay, and if anything, are going to get ALOT worse in the future.

5. This problem is not going away.

So because our fate has already been laid out before us by immovable factors such as climate change, sustainability trends, and SUPER pro-green policies that are already hardened in concrete , the only path, really, is to yield to the forces that be.

And that starts first with acknowledging that there is a problem, and then finding ways to create OUR OWN solutions.

So if you have not started your sustainability profile yet, (sustainable/efficient technology and products) get to it. Ecobee and Nest are just the tip of your iceberg. Don't find yourself caught without a life raft when the times get REALLY hard and the kilowatt hours you should have saved are already paid for.

Here is a short video comparing the two.

It doesn't matter which one you choose - functionality preferences are your own. The important thing to remember is that these are 'smart' devices that you can teach to minimize your electricity costs and avoid peak demand.

One thought is certain though.

And it's that you need to start paying attention to your hydro costs if you live here.

Because this problem is only beginning, and every kilowatt hour saved really does count.

So start saving.

You can also purchase low-impact sustainability products below.

I will continue to find and curate as many services/products/solutions as possible for you as we move deeper and deeper into our costly green future.

No one said being a world leader was going to be easy.

It's actually going to be very expensive.

Chat soon.

Alex, President Peak Demand Inc.

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