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Always know how much power you have, solar energy you're using, and impacts you're making, as well as your entire solar community, from the palm of your hand.

How to save electricity and get off the grid - Best Solar Set-up For Homes/Condos

Solar power for a high-rise world

Meet Jenni

People are becoming more aware of the energy they use and the impacts it has on the planet. With the world increasingly moving to the sky to live and work, how will this part of the population play a role in shifting to a clean energy future?

Off grid living.

To help in the quest to go green, a new solar powered charger is making its way to the market. More than just a solar panel in the window, Jenni is able to store energy produced by the sun to charge your devices. Jenni also connects you with the larger community through an app to see the accumulated benefits of everyone's actions. Among other intel, the app shows her battery level, solar efficiency and your solar share. Tracking your solar activity alongside your peers, users gain an opportunity to claim the top spot on the leaderboard. The app is designed to entice social usage, encourage energy literacy, and be a gateway to further connected clean energy products.

Fits anywhere.

Plug and play solar

With the ability to intelligently learn your charging patterns, Jenni optimizes where you get power. Understanding your forecasted daily energy needs, she ensures you have the required stored power to recharge your devices.

In the event you of minimal sunlight for extended times, Jenni is able to charge from the grid. Only taking what is needed, she makes sure to do so at the cheapest times, where applicable, so you always have power. Jenni requires little to no change in your daily routine, yet allows you to make a difference every day.

Connected Tech

Solar intelligence in the palm of your hand.

Jenni is equipped with an onboard 5 watt solar panel and comes with an additional 20 watt window panel (Soler+) to increase solar generation. Built with intelligence, she anticipates charging needs assessing weather and charging patterns to make appropriate re-charging decisions to make sure you always have power. Jenni takes advantage of the sun and off-peak times to ensure you pull the most environmental and economical energy available.

USB-C & Qi equipped

All this power is stored in a 120 watt-hour lithium battery, more than enough to charge most traditional USB powered mobile devices multiple times. With a USB-C port, high powered devices, such as the MacBook Pro, can be charged as well. With the ability to fast charge most phones and a Qi wireless charging pad, your daily charging routine will remain convenient as always.

The People, The Plan

The Toronto-based startup bringing Jenni to life is Better Current. They started in 2014 by creating public solar charging stations and renting them to the experiential marketing and events industry. The company used its infield experience to begin developing Jenni in early 2016. Now on Indiegogo, the team aims to bring Jenni out of prototyping and run its first production run in January 2018, with delivery by May 2018. The pre-sale campaign will support the development costs to manufacture Jenni for scale, but more importantly bring a product to market that has the potential to help ignite faster adoption of renewable energy.

Alongside an extremely passionate team, the creation of Jenni is being spearheaded by Colin Campbell. This former pro-triathlete, father of two, B. Comm, is determined to leave a better world for his daughters. Colin leverages his corporate experience and athletic drive to help catapult Jenni into the world.

Bring it with you wherever you go.
Charge your lifestyle, and the technology in it.
Harness the sun, and store it, all day.
The app, while very easy to use, will make you feel like an energy professional!

Q: Can I order Jenni even though I do not live in Canada?

A: Yes, we ship Jenni worldwide.

Harness the sun with Jenni.


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