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Susty Pros - Nov 8, 2017

I don't know if I should feel glad that one more country (yup, it's the nation brutally ravaged by civil war: SYRIA!!!!) has pledged to sign on to the Paris Climate Accord or ENRAGED that we, the F*ing U.S.A., with so much wealth and opportunity and access to information ...home of M.I.T. and N.A.S.A. and Neil Degrasse Tyson and Rachel Carson..... is now the only state NOT to do so.


Jo Hee

So, I must ask myself as well as all of you: When most of our elected officials either deny human involvement in climate change, all together, or they refuse to make it a legislative priority; a large part of the public isn't aware enough to at least change any of their fossil-fuel habits or contact their elected officials (if they vote or are civically engaged at all) about the priority of climate action in our state and federal governments.

Our very own executive branch includes some powerful men who've gotten rich on depleting this country's national resources while the rest cow tow to the oil and gas industry, itself. It's been decades now (think Bush/Cheney and the Haliburton lupole) that our country's federal and state governments have been shaped by that endless greed for some of the billions of dirty dollars that come out of poisoning (more often the poor) people's water, air and food...with no regard for the habitat loss and species degradation we are seeing on a massive global scale

WHY? HOW? Why hasn't this movement I've been with for the better part of a decade managed to see lasting change and action in federal legislation or public involvement?
Jo Hee gets involved - DIRECTLY!

What is it about our nation's history, our naivité, our current political climate, and our culture that looks at scientific data and rational thinking with an ignorant and skeptical eye? and why do most people stubbornly refuse to look beyond one's daily life and the greater survival of our species and millions of other lifeforms on this planet that are already suffering the affects of a warming planet, rising seas, and the general un-balancing of the fragile natural systems we depend on?!

Not to mention the connections we see between changing climate and water scarcity to a slew of public health problems and social unrest/war/armed conflicts.

Jo Hee Park Cunningham - Representing local communities on the front line.

*take a deep breath, JoHee*. At least we can see other nations like China (despite it's lack of social freedoms), Mexico, and India leading the way in renewable energy and emissions reductions. We will soon have the option of purchasing electric vehicles with price tags comparable to the ones most of us already drive. Surely that will do some good? Though most climate scientists agree we are now past the tipping point; the point of no return. *cue Phantom of the Opera music*

The dichotomy is staggering.

N.B. This was written before the local/state election results of November 7, 2017

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