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Susty Pros - May 30, 2017

Greetings to the readers of Peak Demand,

Environment Asia-Pacific - A snapshot of calamity in Bangladesh.

Sheldon Hunt

As one of the newest contributors to this platform I look forward to assisting in my own small way to the awareness of the politics and policies around the environment in Asia-Pacific, as well as the very real consequences of climate changes on this people of this massive region.

As I write this post over a million people in Bangladesh have been displaced from their homes due to Cyclone Mora. An unfortunate statistic that will likely add to the yearly tally of persons displaced by natural disasters.

Cyclone Mora
Flooding in Bangldadesh

According to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre of the Norwegian Refugee Council, China had the largest number of people driven out of their homes due to disasters in the calendar year of 2016, with 7.4 million people driven from their dwellings. This marked a 100% uptick over 2017s numbers.

China flooding 2016.

Calamities affected approximately 190 million people across China, killing 1,432 and causing 503 billion yuan in direct economic losses.

Following close behind China in numbers of disaster-driven displacements were the Philippines with 5.9 million, India with 2.4 million and Indonesia with 1.2 million. Experts have unsurprisingly pointed a great deal of blame for the surge to climate change.

Phillipines flooding 2016.

With over a million people scrambling for safety in Bangladesh, 2017 may yet still top the numbers of 2016.

Please check in from time to time on this platform to get the latest updates on environmental issues pertaining to Asia-Pacific.

I look forward to contributing with all of you.

Sheldon Hunt

Sheldon Hunt is an Asia-Pacific political and economic specialist based out of Shanghai, China. Mr. Hunt is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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