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A lot of people ask me how I came up with the logo and creative branding for the Peak Demand community. The truth is - I didn't...

The Peak Demand Branding - A Thank You...

The genius mind behind the branding of the Peak Demand community belongs to none other than Chris Corridore.

Chris Corridore by Matthew Guido

Chris still remains a mystery to me. At first glance he is a humble, yet exceptionally talented digital artist whose images captivate on contact - but there is far more.

His ability to render extremely powerful thoughts with just the SLIGHTEST direction is nothing less than unmatched.

His pen is far more powerful than your sword...

After having first seen the Peak Demand logo almost two years ago, I knew without a doubt that I had met a long time companion and friend on this tumultuous, but very exciting journey towards the global peak demand scenario.

Chris in Cali! by Matthew Guido

With nothing more than a simple stylus and iMac, Chris has shown me a side of the Peak Demand community that I did not know even existed.

Much of the work I engage is very technical and often dry, but Chris manages to summon something very profound, and distinguishable, out of the notion of this community.

I don't know where I would be today had I not met him, but I do know that his contributions to this community are nothing less than invaluable, and it is my hope that when the day of peak demand finally arrives years from now, he can look back at this journey knowing that he was a part - from day one.

So this is my thank you Chris, for all of your talent, expertise, hard work, and sheer determination to share your beautiful gift with our world.

You are without a doubt, a cherished member of this community.

Thank you again.


President, Peak Demand Inc.

Some more of his works.

The Hunt

Eevee Evolution

If you are interested in more of his works and would like to own them yourself, visit some of the links below - you will not be disappointed.

See you soon!

Chris Corridore, one of Toronto's finest creative minds.
The king in the dark...

Email Chris for pricing inquiries on his artwork: [email protected]


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