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Yes - this is the most money ever postulated in history... ever.

Trillions... Trillions... and yes - more Trillions - Our Actual Costs on Climate Change.

Chris Corridore, Peak Demand branding, interprets the cost to save our planet.
It's A LOT...

It's hard to believe that such an amount could even exist at this current juncture in human civilization.

Something of a futuristic value that encompasses extraterrestrial societies and interstellar, supernatural beings of sorts.

Earth is only a small part of the equation of the cosmos after all...

Global collective assets total no more than $150 trillion at best...

But unfortunately these amounts are true, and the threats are very real.

The cost of NOT doing something about our changing climate is catastrophic to say the very least...

No - we are not.

So much so that we will be paying for it for many generations to come...

So unless the fossil fuel industry takes on the brunt of this grand responsibility to curb emissions and adhere to the 2015 Paris Agreement...

And the world reaches the pinnacle of transformation - the global Peak Demand scenario...

We could be facing a brand new world we've never seen before.

Let's just hope it is one that we can all be a part of...

Smog in China, January 2017

Ontario leads the way by spending $20 BILLION per year on 90% renewable energy. Although a devastating cost for power, the province leads the world to greener pastures by being the first jurisdiction on the planet to completely phase out coal, a heavy contributor to global emissions.

Even so, not everyone is not as keen on green...

That is why it is so important to stress that YOU, the everyday web surfing specialist, is engaged and informed on what solutions are available to YOU in this global battle on carbon.

Everyone one of us is part of this world.

Everyone one of us has the OPPORTUNITY to be a part of saving it.

Sometimes we just have to start small...

And the people that have, are certainly happy about it.

Customer reviews of mobile solar chargers.

So explore to learn more about our changing planet, our changing world, and the kind of changes we need to make in order to keep it the way we like it - the way we need it.

Because this trillion dollar order is going to take just about everyone being online, connected, and working in unison to fill it.

Everyone will have their chance to share in saving our world.

If you would like to share content of your own, feel free to submit your entries for review from our team.

The Hulk on his way to join the Peak Demand community.

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Lastly, stay lean,

stay mean,

and stay green, on this journey we all share, ascending towards global peak demand.

Chat soon.

Alex, President, Peak Demand Inc.


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